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Head Checks

Head checks are simply that! We check heads to see if lice and nits are there. Only if we find a louse or nit do we recommend that you have treatment. $25 for first-time clients* and $15 for subsequent visits.


Having just a few lice or nits can escalate into a problem before you know it! To prevent this from happening, treatment is necessary as soon as we find a louse or nit in your or your child’s hair. An average treatment takes approximately 2 hours; depending on the length and thickness of hair, amount of lice and nits, and the level of cooperation! We use only safe and effective products that we have tested in our laboratories.



1st hour for full treatment, including 2 follow-up rechecks


Each consecutive hour

*First-Time Client Fee (in addition to Treatment costs):

$25 per person – includes a Terminator™ comb (max. 2 per household)

Additional fees apply for Evening, Weekend, and Holiday Appointments.

Evening rates apply for treatments begun after 3:30 pm.

Free Head Check Week

Schools should consider scheduling head checks at the start of school, after the winter holiday season, and before summer break, as well as at periodic times during the school year. To help with this, Lice Solutions offers children free head checks the first week of August. What better time than this for parents to add head checks to their “To-Do List?” Early detection is the real key to minimizing transmission among our students.

To Schedule a Free Head Check during the first week of August at your school, click here.