Welcome to Lice Solutions Resource Network, Inc., the only nonprofit Head lice Education and Removal Salon in the world! We safely and comfortably remove head lice from children and adults from both affluent and non-affluent families. Clients who can afford to pay for services help us fulfill our mission of helping all children. In addition, we travel worldwide to places that have no lice removal facilities; test most of the lice removal products on the market to see how well they kill lice and nits; and train people to open their own lice removal salons so that we can ensure that there are qualified services around the world. Currently, there are more than 250 Shepherd Certified individuals in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden.

Why is safely removing lice important? While lice in themselves are not considered dangerous, there are many secondary dangers related to having lice. Many children have died, been burned, or gotten other severe reactions, such as autism and leukemia because of unsafe treatment or no treatment at all. No child should suffer harm, or even discomfort, because of lice. Please help us help all children by utilizing our services and/or making a donation.


Daniela’s Story

See where your donation dollars go and what makes us a nonprofit, as well as a fee-based lice treatment salon!

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Daniela, a 13-year old who entered Lice Solutions’ Florida office infested with lice, received three detentions for hiding under a hooded jacket — yet no one asked her why! Before coming to Lice Solutions, Daniela saw a doctor, who prescribed Ovide, a pesticidal drug, to treat her lice. After Daniela’s mother used it three weeks in a row, her scalp became burned, clumps of hair were lost, and bugs continued to run freely. Someone recommended that Daniela see us. We agreed to treat her providing that her mom agreed to certain conditions. Mom agreed and Daniela was treated for free.

While an average treatment takes two hours and utilizes one rinse bucket, Daniela’s treatment took a solid week! Staff filled 72 buckets with lice and eggs, combing out more than 18,000 bugs and a head of hair full of nits! Today, Daniela takes meticulous care of her hair and is lice free.

Monica’s Story

See where your donation dollars go and what makes us a nonprofit, as well as a fee-based lice treatment salon!

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Monica came to Lice Solutions upon the recommendation of her school nurse. She gave the above picture to us so we could use it to show others what can happen if you neglect a case of head lice.

When the nurse first discovered the lice she told Monica there was nothing anyone could do for her – she would have to shave her head and wear a wig until her hair grew back. As any 12 year-old would do, Monica became hysterical. While the nurse was certain Monica’s case was beyond even Lice Solutions’ means, she did, however, make the referral.

Monica’s mother had abandoned the family approximately a year earlier. Dad was left with 3 teenage girls and was clueless. While Monica’s hair length was halfway down her back, in this picture it is not even touching her shoulders. What makes this so remarkable is the fact that NOTHING is holding it up. Her hair was filled with lice and all matted together. Monica could not wear a pull-over shirt and she could not reach her scalp to scratch.

Worse yet, as the picture shows – Monica hated herself and everyone around her. Far greater than the case of head lice was the impact it had on her self-esteem. As part of a needy family, she qualified for free treatment and we did not let the severity of her situation scare us away.

We spent 3 days (11 ½ hours) painstakingly going through Monica’s hair. In the end, we were able to comb the tangles to just below her shoulders and cut the remainder of the matting out. Once the combing was done, we went back through the hair removing the remainder of the lice and nits.

Since then, Monica takes meticulous care of her hair and has excelled both academically and socially.

Out-of-Control Nits

See where your donation dollars go and what makes us a nonprofit, as well as a fee-based lice treatment salon!

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This pile consists of hundreds of thousands of nits and newly hatched babies. This 12-year old child’s Mom told us, “I’ve been combing her for two months. I just can’t get all the nits out!”

Certainly Mom had a long way to go and help from us was exactly what she needed. While we took this picture to show how using a good comb makes a difference, it also shows how severe a case will become if not dealt with quickly and efficiently. Lice do not go away automatically – they must be manually removed. Better education is a real key towards helping to eliminate ongoing infestations, as well as stopping the use of harmful products.


“If you are concerned about exposing your children to harsh chemicals that don’t work; if you want to get your kids back to school and you back to work as quickly as possible, Katie Shepherd and Lice Solutions are the answer. Lice Solutions is where I send my patients, and yes, unfortunately my family, too.”

Cheryl E. Wayne, MD, F.A.A.P.

Palm Beach Pediatrics, West Palm Beach, Florida

Thank-you Lice Solutions! You were there when we needed you. Despite my after-hours call, you stayed late into the night to help my family so we could leave on vacation the next morning. We are so grateful to all the staff. You went above and beyond expectations and we were able to leave for vacation on time and bug free!

Cathy Ferro

We could not have gotten through this problem without you and your staff and the open willingness to stay and go on treating us so late.

Cathy, Tony, Emily & Jessica

Katie & Staff, Thank you for checking my entire family and assuring us that not all of us had lice and therefore not all of us needed to be treated. You made a bad experience better by just being there.

Kim & Family

I want to thank you for the expeditious shipping and let you know that since my purchase of the special “Terminator” comb, my son’s head and my home are free of head lice. It has worked out very well and we are Very, Very Happy.


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