We recommend the following products.

Lice don’t like mint!

Help prevent your child from getting head lice by using one or some of these products. Use mint shampoo and conditioner once or twice a week to avoid dry scalp and hair. Use a leave-in mint spritz daily and comb with a good lice comb a couple times a week for 3-5 minutes each time while in the shower or bath. We like the Terminator™ comb over any other lice comb. Its ridged prongs help catch the lice and nits, including those itty bitty babies!

We recommend the following products. All have been tested in our laboratories. You can purchase directly from this site or at one of our locations. Please contact us if you want to order in bulk. Questions about our products? Call us at 561-842-9969 or email

Preventive Shampoos and Conditioners

Preventive Sprays

Treatment Products

Nit Free 2 in 1

Price: $15 | Size: 8 oz.

Nit Free Mousse

Price: $13 | Size: 4 oz.


Price: $21 | Size: 6 oz.

School Time

Price: $19 | Size: 12 oz.

Lice Logic (Peppermint) Clear & Free

Price: $34.50 | Size: 8 oz.

Lice Logic (Peppermint) Hair Nit Spray

Price: $24.50 | Size: 8 oz.

Self-Treatment Starter Kit

Price: $80 | Size: 8 oz.

Self-Treatment Basic Kit 1

Price: $44 | Size: 8 oz.

Self-Treatment Standard Kit 2

Price: $25 | Size: 8 oz.

Post Treatment Kit

Price: $30 | Size: 8 oz.

Magnifying Lamp

Price: $15

Detangler Comb

Price: $2.50

Duck clips

Price: $13.50 | Size: 12 pack


Daniela Before and After Poster

Price: $10 | Size: 8x10

Daniela Before and After Postcard

Price: $2 | Size: 8x10

Lice Advice Book

Price: $30

Lice Stickers

Price: $4/sheet

Lice ID Card

Price: $10 | Size: 3x5

Please contact us for bulk orders and personalization.